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Intro/Beginner Pole

T* 5:30pm W* 11am

TH* 11am, 5:30pm

S* 9:00am

Designed to introduce beginner students to the basics of pole fitness. We will focus on basic pole fitness techniques, safe body mechanics and pole terminology. Great for beginners and those who want to continue to learn or refine basic spins & transitions. Pre-requisite: All fitness levels welcome.

Pole Level /Intermediate

T* 11am, W* 5:30pm

Includes basic spins, pole sits, climbing, inverts & strength training exercises that will challenge your entire body and get you ready for more advanced pole tricks!!
Pre-requisite: Intro/Beginner Pole.

Multi-Level Pole Fitness

 S* 11am

This class is for all levels of pole fitness. The instructor will introduce beginners to new spins and tricks while challenging the more advanced ladies with spins and tricks of their own.

Spinning Pole Basics

T* 12:15pm  TH* 6:30pm

This is an introduction/beginner spinning pole class. You will be introduced to the differences between static and spinning pole and the benefits that come with it. Prerequisite: Must have completed at least one Pole Basics or Beginner Pole class.

Fit Challenge

T* 5:30pm  Th* 5:30pm 

Boot camp style class. Perfect for all fitness levels. Weight training with intervals of cardio and stretching cool down.


W* 5:30pm

Let the instructor lead you through Latin inspired dance moves. Enjoy a fun and energetic work out! Julee might throw some Hip Hop at you, too!

Aerial Yoga Basics

W* 9am, 6:45pm

Cover the basics of Aerial Yoga. Learning how to invert, fly and flow. We will use the swing to get alignment, build strength in the body and improve flexibility. Great for beginners and those who want to continue to learn or refine their aerial practice.

Yin Yoga

F* 9:00am

Yin yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga with postures that are held for longer periods of time. Yin yoga stretches and targets both the deep connective tissues between the muscles, and the fascia throughout the body.

Total Body Toning

M* 5:30pm

Workout using pilates techniques to stretch, tone and strengthen your entire body. Perfect for all fitness levels.


T* 5:30pm TH* 5:30pm

Pilates and yoga fusion mix set to great music. This feels like a cardio endurance yoga party, where you may move slow and sometimes you move faster. This class gives an all day happy!

Stretch and Renew

S* 10:15am

Aaaahhhh...perfect way to start the weekend. We focus on gentle stretching, a little core work and some laughing.

Vinyasa Yoga

M* 5:30pm T* 9:00am

Vinyasa strings together postures so that you move from one to another, seamlessly, using breath. This practice helps participants regain control of their body and mind. Join us for this powerful yoga flow.

Beginner Flow Yoga

T* and TH* 4:15pm 

Either you are new to yoga or have been to yoga for a while, but want to learn more to refine your alignment, focus on simple transitions, build strength, flexibility, and learn how to incorporate breath with movement. This class is perfect for you! This class will help you move into more advanced classes with a strong foundation, and greater understanding of the yoga practice.

Private Pole Lessons, Private Events

by appointment only

Interested in private instruction? Want to plan your next birthday, bachelorette party, any reason party?? Contact us for pricing and availability. You can call or text 417-850-6002 or leave your contact information through our website or Facebook page.


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The Journey

Girlfriends Fitness Boutique & Spa was founded in 2002 in Carl Junction Missouri and expanded to Joplin, in order to support and foster the sense of health and wellness in the surrounding community. We offer a variety of approaches to achieve and maintain your physical and mental health. Whether you simply want to improve your physical and mental wellbeing or just have fun taking classes, Girlfriends Fitness Boutique and Spa provides a healing and friendly environment to do so.


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Health and Wellness Offerings

Our studio is filled with calm and bright spaces, offering a supportive, non-judgmental and safe place to explore your concerns. We have a vibrant team of wellness practitioners committed to forming a relationship with you that is respectful, caring, and one that encourages you to find a connection with your true self. Take a look at the services we offer to help you find inner peace and achieve ultimate tranquility.

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Massage Treatments

Julee has been a licensed massage therapist for 13 years. Julee specializes in therapeutic deep tissue massage.

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Facial and Esthetic Services

Facials, Waxing, Peels, Dermaplaning, Lash and Brow Tint 


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Girlfriends Fitness Boutique and Spa

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Girlfriends Fitness Boutique and Spa is a unique Studio which takes an innovative approach to providing a fun and rejuvenating experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. We provide our clients with a variety of options when it comes managing their overall health, beauty, and wellness. We offer small group classes in a boutique environment exclusively for women. Make the positive lifestyle change you’ve been wanting; see what Girlfriends Fitness Boutique and Spa has to offer you.


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